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We always hear people talk about love stories, especially the generation who had to be the most patient to even hear from their loved ones and meeting them was definitely one of the most difficult missions to be accomplished. But this generation, the generation of the tech-savvy individuals, the generation that relies on virtual friendships and relationships rather than the real ones and the generation whose idea of love is based on attraction and having the same interests and a huge share of people in this generation don’t even believe in love. Actually the basic idea of love of this generation is all messed up. They don’t really understand what love is.
Love is something beyond the comprehension of those who just get involved in the practicality, materialism and physicality of someone or something. Love is the way a father scolds his child for failing but is also when the same father dances in your success. Love is when a mother stays up all night taking care of her sick child but is also when she becomes stern as ice when she scolds her child for being too picky about stuff. Love is when a brother denies to finance you but then shows you the way you can finance yourself. Love is when a sister stays hungry and stays up all night when her sibling is out with friends and finally love is where you don’t have to force things, where everything is as easy as it is when you know they won’t judge you for your weaknesses and won’t use them against you. Love is in the swears of friends and in those sweet little cuddles of your pet. Love isn’t about the way one looks or lives rather it is about the way one laughs, lives and makes people around them feel.
They say love is lost and that love is just in books but if we get out of our cocoon of the fears and insecurities and let go of the judgemental mentality. They don’t believe in love but they want to go on valentine’s night parties with a valentine. The concept of Valentine’s Day was to find love and stay with them for the rest of your life. Love isn’t just a feeling…. It’s a commitment, a promise to always be there for each other and accept one another as they are with all their shortcomings…. It’s an entirely different feeling trying to get better for them, with them and people change in love…. They want to treat you like the emperor/empress of their world and do things the way you like but even if they don’t, you never loved them conditioned they change according to you….
Love isn’t just a girl and a boy finding each other, it’s also two guys falling in love and staying together and also about two girls falling in love and finding themselves…. I’ve seen guys be the best of parents together and girls climb ladders of success together….. You don’t choose who you fall in love with, love chooses you and when it happens, everything else is just beautiful….
Love isn’t only about the fun part, it’s also about those sleepless nights you spend taking care of them when they fall sick or being their painkiller when they’re hurting…. Being there for the people you love is just so important and it’s the little things that matter, the big fat things have an age but care, affection, sensitivity, character, never come with an expiry date….
Love isn’t easy, but then no good thing is, it’s the hardships that make the happiness more of a solace…. Love can be overwhelming, it can be irritating, but what’s even more lovely is being in love with them when they’re the hardest to love…. Love isn’t just the laughter, it is those smiles you can never get enough of….
Love demands commitment, it demands compromises, it demands forgiveness and understanding. But above all of it love demands freedom which a lot of modern era relationships lack. Celebrating love isn’t antonymous of the actual idea of love but celebrating love on one specific day and then not even giving enough importance to love on other days is something that tends to push love away from us.
We’re all humans, supposed to feel things, thoughts and emotions inside us. We all at one point of life if realise that nobody really cares then we also realise that we need love to be happy in life and walk the remaining path holding someone’s hand. We all eventually need someone to hug us into comfort and comfort us into love. We all can say that we don’t believe in love but we all know that deep down inside all of us crave for love because we all know that the language of love is the supreme and anything and everything is possible to convey in this language. All we need to do is change our point of view towards our emotions and be fearless about how we feel. Love comes in all sizes, all genders, all ages and all forms. We just have to be brave enough to share and spread love with the rest of the world and those who need it.


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