Opportunities or Bullets


Opportunities are the fast-moving life-changing moments, just like a bullet fired from the gun. They can also be imagined as a butterfly which needs a very high concentration and focuses to be caught. Opportunities are the real but invisible assets for humans, which builds the temporary asset, money, for which the whole world is running. It needs an eye, different from the one which sees the normal world.

Among all the peoples living in the world, only the top 5% people of the creamy layer are living in granularity world and rest 95% of peoples are living in a superficial world. Sometimes, some people are lucky to get the opportunities straight forward coming into their hands, while most of the people get the opportunities hidden behind their failures. Do you agree that some people can be lucky to get opportunities in their hands? Well, most people have this habit of saying of consistently convincing and giving excuses for their laziness to their own mind by saying that some peoples are born lucky that’s why they are billionaires, this is just an excuse, not the truth. Every person starts from a zero level and according to his or her efforts, hardworking attitude and the attitude of grasping the opportunities he or she reaches a position in their lives. The person who rigorously puts his efforts in his passion reaches to a level where he or she compels the opportunities to bow their heads and land on their hands directly. Opportunities come to you at every point of life, it just needs a burning passion to see and grasp them.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to discover themselves and find the passion which gives him a fire of learning and developing. A person can learn from seed, a seed is buried inside the soil in darkness but it never takes that negative point to stop him from growing rather he sees a positive side of it that soil is providing him with nutrition and water which he can use to grow himself and will get out of the darkness, the seed keeps patience for his growth and his patience, positive attitude and hard work pays back by growing him into a plant above the ground, exposing him to the light. After a seed grows into a plant, he doesn’t get satisfied and stop growing, he continuously keeps growing and improving himself with keeping his roots tightened to the ground and one day that small little plants grows into a big tree with a wide trunk and roots spread over a large area inside the ground. Our life also grows similarly like a tree, small little kids are like seeds who are dependent on their parents, like the seed dependent on the soil, kids ask and get all the needy things for their growth and development from their same as seed gets from the soil, the kid who keeps discovering about himself, search for his passion and try to observe and understand his environment with patience grows into a young talented teenager with lots of light and fire of learning inside him, then if that teenager keeps that fire inside him and if he keeps working smart and hard with patience will make him see the opportunities coming on his way for becoming a tycoon. Hard work, smart work and patience are the need of an eye which recognises the opportunities coming on your way.

Peoples who are living in a superficial life are those who concentrate on others life and fame rather than concentrating on themselves and find their life goals, they don’t do their work with full concentration to the finest level, they try to impress the people who don’t even like them, they have a habit of criticizing others and pulling other’s leg, they learn negative things from others rather learning the positive part from even a person having a bad image in society. Some people start showing attitude and even start being rude to others after getting their first success, those people don’t reach the heights, they either remain at the same position throughout their life or even there is a possibility of falling down from that position after that they trying convincing their minds with excuses but their conscious knows the real truth which results in frustration and self-disappointment. Concentration on self leads to a beautiful life and concentration on others lead to a disappointing life.

You can also learn from the sun, the sun is always consistent in his job that’s why he always touches the height, similarly, a person needs to be consistent in his work to touch the heights. A person who comes on the top creamy layer of the world is a person who always learns from everyone and everything he comes across in his life, he will even learn from the failure he faced, a person who was wicked and unscrupulous to him, because that person has a habit of looking at the positive side even in the negative part. If we look at the different season, every season has some negative and positive side but we look at the positive side of that season we love the same way when we have the desire to learn, we take every situation whether it is positive or negative an opportunity to learn. The most important quality these people have is that they always keep themselves grounded while touching heights, like the tree whose roots are always tightened with the ground.

“Some people Take bullets on their Heart and some Run sideways and Miss the Bullets”