COVID-19 has turned the whole world upside-down. Millions of people died due to the infection. It gave a devastating blow to the global economy, kept us inside locked inside our doors due to fear, and many other atrocities that COVID shed on us. But, every coin has two sides, there are some positive effects of COVID-19 that we didn’t pay much attention to.

In this article, we will focus on what are the positive Side effects of COVID-19(CoronaVirus).

1.Greener environment, cleaner air

We all know that the Air Quality Index has improved significantly all around the globe and especially in Delhi and other metropolitan cities. Delhi for now is enjoying the least polluted air in decades.

Industries, flights, and trains were not functioning all over the world and hence a sharp decrease was seen in the level of nitric oxide.

2.Reduced P.M 2.5

P.M 2.5 is one the most harmful form of air pollution. It is included in group one carcinogens and it is so small in size that it can go into the bloodstream through the lungs. Due to the lock-down, the level of P.M 2.5 has also decreased almost everywhere in the world.

Research at Stanford University has shown that due to decreased levels of P.M 2.5 in the air about 77,000 lives were saved that too only in the month of April.

3.Improved water quality

Since there were no boats and ships in the waters, whether they are for fishing or traveling, less number of boats has decreased the level of pollution in water bodies drastically. Ganga has also seen an improvement in the water quality since the nationwide lock down came into force. In Venice, the water quality has improved so much that fishes can be seen and water movement has also improved.

4.Effect on vegetation

Plants are growing better because of cleaner air and water. With all the human activity coming to halt, nature is utilizing this lock-down to heal itself. Animals can wander around the highways without the fear of getting hit by some trucks. Turtles are going back to those sites to lay eggs which they stopped visiting due to high human interference.

5.Effect on humans

COVID-19 also has bought humans closer to each other but from a safe distance. We are spending time with our families, working on our skills, doing family gatherings (Of course online). COVID has given us a chance, a chance to come together as a community. Singing from the rooftops, helping the vulnerable, saving lives, and the community showing gratitude to doctors and policemen from a safe distance.

COVID was definitely a bad NEWS for the global economy, but we all know that the environment and global economy run inversely proportional to each other. Every time there is an economic crisis, it is benevolent for nature.

Everything will go back to as it was once this pandemic is over. The old long traffic jams, the same pollution, the old 9 to 5 in the offices, the same polluted rivers. So, enjoy what you have now, for today is a gift known as ‘PRESENT’.

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