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Power of knowledge

The most powerful thing in the world is knowledge because it can create and destroy life on the earth. Moreover, It helps us distinguish between humans and animals. Coaches are challenges, opportunities which are driven to their destination with an engine, that engine is Knowledge it is medium to achieve what you planned to achievement. Now just think if anyone around the roadside ask you about a particular location if you have knowledge you will definitely help. But if you don’t know you are not going to help him means you have morality but because of absence of knowledge you can’t do anything.

Importance of Knowledge

There are very few people out there who truly understand about the importance of knowledge. Every educated person is not a knowledgeable, but every knowledgeable person is educated. This statement may sound weird but it is true. In today’s world, almost everyone is educated still they do not have the opinion of the subject that they have studied.

Besides, It is something that helps one drive a car, ride a bike, solve a puzzle, etc. it is something that prevents us from the making   same mistake twice. It is not something that you can buy from you have to earn it from market.

Benefits Point

The knowledge is something that increases the more one share it. Likewise, humans have used their knowledge to create things that we can not also imagine a few centuries back. It helps us to convert our ideas into the reality and also it helps us to reach the success that we desire in our life.

It helps us to overcome our faults, weaknesses, and the dangerous situation in life. Also, a person with knowledge is more mentally and morally sound than a person with money and less knowledge.

Besides, it is  very important tool to get the positive changes in society or country. It gives us  vision of our future and what we can do in it. All the countries in the world that use technologically developed tools and machinery and many other things is the result of knowledge. Weapons and bombs do not make a country powerful but knowledge does.


This is something that is so powerful that it can destroy  whole earth and on the other hand is a tool that can restore balance on the earth. The knowledgeable person is the richest person on earth because no one can steal their. But anyone can easily steal your money and power from you any time.

Moreover, it never decreases on use ,it only increases with time. Accordingly, a knowledgeable person is more important than a rich person because a rich person can give money to the nation but a knowledgeable person can change face of the nation and it can also increase the wealth of a nation.

In conclusion, we can say that true knowledge help person to bloom in their life. Also, it keeps people away from fights , corruption and bad activities. Besides, It bring happiness and prosperity to the nation. Above all, knowledge open the door of success for everyone.

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