Priorities Change with Times


Priority is a way of expressing a feeling of importance to someone or something. The priority becomes an edge for making a decision in one’s life. Changes make our life and nature around us more beautiful. The time is passing by with same speed, consistently without waiting for anyone. All three things are interdependent on each other and acceptance of this interdependency makes our lives beautiful.

With every new generation, we see a different and changed way of thinking, we also find a difference in priorities for the most common things in human’s life. Time keeps passing and with the passing times we see different changes in priorities of work, togetherness, plans, fitness, lifestyle, and many more things, changes also come in the environment and development. When human civilization started, the only priority was food and a safe place to sleep at night, time passed and priorities changed, people now became more sensible and self-conscious, people started eating cooked foods than raw meats, wearing clothes made up of leaves and animals skin, having a conversation using words rather than by using signs, living in a durable house rather than changing their living place every day. After many years passed by, people started becoming civilized by building their homes with concrete and bricks rather than living in a house made up of dry grass and leaves, wearing designer clothes made up cotton, skin, and synthetic materials, eating foods cooked up by mixing different kinds of spices, speaking different languages, working in offices and earning money for their livelihood rather than running behind the animals for hunting. Humans have always evolved with times, change of priorities with passing time is the first step towards changes and development in the world.

With the rapid increase in technology in the twentieth century, the lives and priorities of peoples have changed rapidly. Today priorities of showrooms have changed from books to shoes, you will easily find shoes kept on the display in very big showrooms and a bunch of books kept on plastic sheets on the ground for selling purpose, earlier books were the real assets, the first priority for all the educated peoples, they were kept respectfully in the libraries and in big shops, it was used to be a pride for a person to have a book shop. Today priorities have changed and for some of the peoples wearing branded shoes has become a status symbol and people are emphasizing more on branded and classy shoes than reading a classy book, with this change in people’s priorities market has also changed from keeping books in big shops to keeping shoes in big showrooms with sparkling and attracting lights. Priorities have changed from keeping our old parents with us to keeping a dog with us in our homes, from buying things from small street shops to buying things from big malls and do online shopping. Priorities are temporary, they change relatively with surroundings, the way others are living.

Priorities must change for updating ourselves according to the updating, changing and developing world. But one needs to understand that in human’s life some part is permanent and some are temporary. Taking a dog in our homes is definitely not wrong, we should love animals but it is definitely wrong making your parents live in another home from you, they need you in old their old ages, wearing branded shoes is not wrong but giving it a higher priority than the books which teach you to live life, is wrong. Just think of the sun changes its priority of rising daily, what will happen? Like that some things look good in the permanent state, sometimes stability is beautiful. We should change our priorities cautiously so that it only changes our temporary part and doesn’t affect our permanent because when changes go in the right path, they make our lives more beautiful but if they are directed towards a wrong path, they will make our life a curse.

“Changing Priorities bring Colours to our Lives if Right Priorities have been changed at Right Time”