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Jack Ma Yun is a Chinese businessman and capitalist. He is the former executive chairman and also of the company named Alibaba Group. It is presently a multinational technological company. Jack Ma is a strong individual of a market-driven economy. Jack Ma is a perfect inspiration for the upcoming CEO’s and businessman. He has been through […]
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In this contemporary world, rapid technological advancements occur every day. It has brought a significant revolution in the education system. Nowadays, technology has become a main linking part of schools and colleges without which education cannot suffice. Introduction of newer methods of learning Many people still rely on the old traditional way of learning. However, […]
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A zoological branch that concerns the stepwise study and getting the right knowledge about birds. The study of birds is ornithology. It also tells about all their living habits and the required environment. Several characteristics of ornithology differ from the related subjects, due partially to the high clarity and the philosophical approach of birds. It has an area with […]
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Since prehistoric times humans have been hunting and killing animals for their meat, skin and other essential body parts. Meat is animal flesh that is mainly composed of water, proteins, and fat. It is edible raw but is consumed after cooking and processing in different ways. Unprocessed food will rot within a few hours due to infection […]
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The top 10 applications which are very trending for windows 10 edition are as follows: Netflix Netflix is one of the best applications for online streaming on Windows 10 and undoubtedly a leading entertainment service. In case you’re looking for entertainment like watching TV series, movies then this is the most preferable platform with a […]


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