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  Dog training- the best way to obtain ESA Letter for Housing Research has shown that socializing with critters lowers your blood pressure . Socialization and interaction could reduce the psychological distress, anxiety, depression and anxiety caused by parting from their owners.  Animal trainers know that they have to treat the animal in the inside […]
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Definition of e-commerce:- E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services with the help of online platform. E-commerce is helpful in so many ways as it provides a large market of products where in the costumers and consumers can select with their best choice. It also offers some discount policies just to increase […]
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Introduction • Market-Marketing has evolved ,human behavior has changed ,and marketers should keep up. Digital Marketing is an online platform .Digital technologies and media include: 1.Company website 2.Mobile apps , etc which utilizes the technology like mobile phones and desktop for better promotion of products and services . .In other words, it refers to […]


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