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दीवाली के बाज़ारों को देख गुम होते हुए, होली के रंगों में बेरोंग सोते हुए, सड़क के बन्नेरों को सूनी आँखों से तकते हुए… खखलौनो की दुकानों के आगे चुप चाप ठहरते हुए… स्कूल जाते बच्च के साथ चलते हुए… अख़बार के पन्नो को समझने की कोशिश करते हुए.. सड़क चलती गाड़ियों को रोक गुलाब […]
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The sacred Ganga river is the most important river of India. It forms the major river system in India and holds great cultural significance. Worshipping of Ganga in the name of goddess Ganga or Ganga Maiya happens all over India. Ganga System: Journey It arises from the Gangotri glacier near Gaumukhi(3,900 m) in the Uttarkashi […]
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The united nations organization was formed on 24th October 1945. With a motive of maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights after world war 2, the representatives of 51 countries came together to form this organization. The name ‘United Nations’ was adopted […]
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I remember how grandpa managed to put a thread in the needle with his shivering hands after granny left him. He stitched his button on his shirt, weaving exactly as granny did, whenever he accidentally broke them. I always accompanied him in his evening walk down the lane or whenever he wanted to discuss Ramayana […]


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