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COVID-19 has enforced industries long resilient to digitization. Given their complication and hefty regulation, to alter the operations quickly. The epidemic hastened this shift as people got forced to interact with brands digitally. Before COVID 19 existed, digital was just a choice. Consider banking, car buying, retail shopping, all 100% digital. The key to tough […]
There are a lot of unexplainable things that happen around the world. But science related people always try to find some scientific reason behind every of the strange things that happen. Sometimes Science succeeds in proving that superstitions are pointless. But when science can offer no solace to people, the belief in something superior to us, The Almighty, does come handy.
Introduction India is a country that is greatly admired for its diverse culture, ethnicity and festival. Our country comprises of 28 states and 8 Union territories, each having its own significant festivals and practices. People come together to celebrate these festivals with joy and profound happiness. Sadly, these celebrations that bring life and joy to […]


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