Promises and commitments


Promise is a commitment to do something or not to do, it means to give assurance to someone whom we promised. It is an emotion or a part of life that all we need assurance to complete something or we need a person who is a man of word means who always completes his commitments what he did.

Promise is a way to make someone rely on us. It gives a feeling of comfortability to trust blindly so he or she may fulfill his commitment and let us show his loyalty and his words.It shows the determination of a person who how he is determined to fulfill his word given by him to someone.

In everyday life we do so many commitments like to give party to friends, we gave them surety to give them a treat. These promises are almost fake to show off the power of money. Actually few of us are truly the man of word who truly has guts to complete his given words.
There are so many types of promises we do in our lifetime and they are:-
From our birth to death we do millions of promises, but there were only a few of the promises we had ever completed in our lifetime. So let’s get started without wasting so much time.
When we are born or when we first came in this beautiful world, our parents gave their first promise that they promised us to fulfill our all dreams in upcoming life and they will make us successful by hook or by crook and it is the most beautiful promise every guardian gave to their child and they all truly meant their promise.

After sometimes we grew up, and we gave them a commitment to make them proud by doing hard work in their life. But as time goes, their promises are turning into fake promises some of them fulfils every promise but some of them because of bad company in their adulthood time period made them forget about all the previous promises. Adult age is the age when a person can find his life partner and gave her a commitment to be always with her. But sometime this commitment also gets faded because of some trust issues so let’s not divert from topic I want to tell you all that sometime we gave promises with full confidence, so we all have to complete all of our promise with the same confidence as we had before.
There are one more type of promise that is so pure, and that is when a couple gave 7 promises to each other during marriage. These are the promises that every couple do by hook or by crook to live happily. These 7 vows are the reason behind the happily married life for every couple. Sometime these 7 vows also taken the bad turn that is when someone filed the case of divorce it turned into a bad dream for every girl because undoubtedly, for every girl, married life is her dream and to live happily with those 7 vows given to each other is her dream to fulfil.
Last but not the least we all are surrounded by some peoples who are the man of words who completed his all vows, and they are none other than our parents who served every minute of their life to fulfil all the needs of their child and make them successful.
So try to be the man of word and be aware from the fake promises.
“Fake people, fake world”