Even after you have read a multiple articles , or have heard about a hundred stories , most of you have flipped through the newspaper or any other source of your information and after the cup of your morning tea , you went about with your business but every human being who has experienced rape , wakes up after a harsh night , where the grief was heightened and nothing could be done . If the person was a little lucky , they would appreciate even the little sleep , that paid a visit after that horrifying moment was lived all over again . “Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking, or brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity, the female sex.” -Mahatma Gandhi. In recent times, we have seen that rape has spread from women, to men and even to minors. After a person experiences rape, they are so psychologically disturbed that they change their personalities and even though some victims manage to report the brutality, some victims choose to bury their story within themselves, most victims do so, due to the fear of image in front of the society. It is extremely shocking that our society might even blame the victim, with most rape cases on young girls, the society blames the clothing or personality of the girl, instead of helping the victim, we choose to downgrade them and indirectly support the sadist. Sometimes, the situation is even more horrifying, as the sadist might turn out to be a family member. Many times, minors are being manipulated by their own family and due to the lack of understanding of right and wrong, they are deemed to believe that the torture is never to be reported. Many stories have missed the books, one story began with a simple morning of a 3-year-old child, little did anyone know that the smile will soon fade away. A gardener was employed to work on the terrace and as any kid would do , she ran upstairs to look at the beautiful flowers , to her bad luck , the stranger was utterly convincing and so she let him close , if only this stranger was not trusted , the story could have been a happier one . He inappropriately touched her, her little mind was hassled, and when it started to hurt, her future self only questioned why he couldn`t control himself from destroying her life. The little girl ran to her mother , in her innocence she explained the darkest moment of her life , but her story remained in her mind and so her mind was punished , her life was ruined while he was led out of the house with just one slap , her story wasn’t heard for it would ruin her reputation and her family`s reputation . Was that punishment even justifiable? I can only hope that her dreams have stopped terrifying her and that she managed to gather herself up into a strong survivor. This story wasn’t counted in the many rape cases that were reported, there are so many cases like these but all of them were buried under the blanket of reputation and even the cases that are reported, just increase on a daily basis. Our society is in an urgent need to change its mindset, it`s time to punish the guilty and become more vigilant, so that no one ever has to document such brutalities ever again. Let`s more than just hope for this torture to come to an end.

-Sakshi Gupta