I am very delighted to say that I had the chance to see the Rafale aircraft live that too in front of my eyes. Please do not misinterpret me that I had seen in television etc. But it was live, I had seen that mighty beast coming along with five of it’s mates and supported by two Sukhoi aircrafts.

In fact I had known about its arrival a day ago and on the D-Day was more than excited for it and was waiting for it from two o’ clock and it went past from above my head at about 3 o’ clock, I was busy in my phone surfing on various news channels regarding its update but lo and behold, I heard thundering voice coming from ahead and without any iota of doubt I knew about the origin of the noise and wanted to capture this amazing scene with my eyes and I didn’t record it in my smartphone because then I would be violating the strict guidelines prescribed by the IAF and the local Police.

Now coming onto this beast, it’s a 4.5 gen aircraft produced by Dassault aviation, one of the France’s major defence contractors. This aircraft had very steep competition from many of its competitors and it was selected among the six fighter aircrafts, they were Lockheed Martin’s F-16, Boeing F/A-18, Eurofighter Typhoon, Russia’s MIG-35, Sweeden’s Gripen and in these only two aircrafts met the standards of the IAF requirements, they were Typhoon and undoubtedly Rafale and later Rafale win the race because of it’s low price.

This procedure of procurement started back in 2007 because of IAF having scarcity of fighter aircrafts because IAF is supposed to have 42 squadrons but it only has 30 right now, but that deal never materialized but UPA government did reach to make this deal work and had tried to procure 126 Rafale aircrafts (18 in fly away condition and the rest 108 would be made by HAL by transfer of technology) and they tried to make the cost as 570 crore per aircraft.

The present NDA government signed a deal way back in 2015 to procure 36 Rafale aircrafts and now the per aircrafts cost has risen to about 1670 crore and the government has given there excuse that it’s because of the aircraft fly away condition and UPA government had done the deal of just the bare body and also various reasons but I would now like to go into that detail and these would be sorted out by the intergovernmental committee if made by the government.

Now this aircraft covered approximately 7000kms from Istres in France to French airbase in Al Dhafra near Abu Dhabi in UAE with a night halt there then directly to Ambala cantt, Haryana. It boasts of double the speed of the sound that is around 1.8 mach and really after its arrival India’s security has definitely got a major boost and it would help India a lot in any airstrike to be conducted in any far-off areas.

Presently India has received 5 aircrafts in which 2 are two-seater that is for training and 3 single seater aircrafts and it’s given to 17 Squadron ‘Golden Arrows’.

This will surely increase the dominance of INDIAN AIR FORCE.