IN order to contain the threat of COVID-19 or Coronavirus , Various Countries including India imposed a nation wide lockdown , Staying in the ‘ safety and comfort’ of our homes was the only option to battle the crisis.

Unfortunately , Home did not turn out to be a safe haven for everyone! A record number of 1,477 cases of domestic violence were made in the period of 25th march to 31st may ,2020 , this number is higher than the past 10 years figure in the same period.

This despite the Fact that around 86% of women who experience domestic violence never seek help and about 77% do not even mention it to anyone.It was also found that out of 14.3% of victims who sought help only 7% contacted the relevant authorities – police , doctors or NGO’S while 90% only informed their immediate family members.

In Vadodara , a young woman was thrashed by her husband for defeating him in an online ludo game , While in Hyderabad a women and her teenage son from earlier marriage were facing the brunt of her second husband aggression as he could not get alcohol during the lockdown , this is just the tip of the iceberg , horrifying videos from various parts of the country have emerged highlighting the brutal assault over women

A Substanial proportion of Urban Indian women today are economically independent but a major chunk of women both from urban and rural India are still dependent on their husband for their economic needs and thus find it difficult to walk out of an abusive marraige , and try their best to make things work mostly for the sake of their children.And Since Women here are often Considered ‘ paraya dhan’ they even hesitate to ask for help from their parents.The stigma attached to divorce is such that women find it easier to stay in a violent ,abusive relationship rather than walking out of it.

With the advancement of medicine we will sooner or later find a cure to COVID-19 , maybe someday life will return back to normal but I wonder who will Find the cure to this equally alarming and dangerous pandemic.

When will the Society learn to see women as the equal gender , who is no way less than men, when will they learn to treat women with respect and dignity , and allow her to breathe freely?

Women are not possessions of men , before being a daughter , sister, girlfriend/ wife ,mother they are their own individual self , they have an identity of their own which needs to be cherished and respected.There is no bigger coward than a man who beats up his women in order to satisfy his male ego, these men are a shame for the entire human race and undoubtedly the worst kinds of human being.

It is said that change begins from within ,let us strive to make our homes the safest place for not only the woman in our houses but for all the girls and women out there.

Let us teach our Sons that he is in no way superior to his sister and he ought to respect not only her but all women.Let us pledge to make India free from all kind of viruses , together we can ,together we will!!


  1. Very true.. and apt. Well written kavya. Nice that u penned ur thoughts.and expressions on this sensitive issue. My domestic maid too mentioned about what she went through during this period. We will all together definitely over come this crisis but some scars can be permanent.

  2. Amazing article.. Well expressed as it is one of the shrouded issues which needs to be dealt with.. Wish gender equality and respect for each other is of prime importance in the world we live in.

  3. Totally agree. Equality is what is needed in the society but its still a long way to go. Women of all strata of society undergo such behavior and to make changes a collective effort is needed by all.

  4. Sadly women are on their own and will have to raise a voice .Families stand mute spectators because of false sense of family honour.
    It takes the most despicable impotent man to raise his hand on a woman. Even threatening a woman of throwing her out at his whim and fancy ,is violence.

  5. Women have to be strong and oppose.
    Only when our society can get to a point where we refuse to tolerate violence against even the worst of criminals, this could stop. Until then, it won’t. Simply because this is what we originally wanted.

  6. Kavya it is really great to see such a young girl like you has addressed such a serious problem that has prevailed in our society for so long, I truely believe that each one of us have to do our bit to make our homes a safe place for women. I feel that as parents we have a big role to play while bringing up our children ,we have to give the right values to our children so that atleast our sons would treat women well and they would be able to live in a safe environment free of domestic violence.

  7. Commendable work Kavya Uniyal…glad you acknowledge this and are ready to voice girls it. Keep writing strong posts maybe that brings a change on the perspectives of partial society.
    Will share it with all those who have a similar thinking.

  8. Great writeup. Working towards a civilized menhood can only lead to a better life with equal treatment in gender……..the base stone has been layed though, but we have a long way to go……

  9. Kavya you highlighted a very important point which needs a paradigm shift. This will come when each and every parent attaches value to the respect for women. These values should not be restricted to worship of goddess or mother only. Even the responsibility is on young girls who will be mothers and mother in law in times to come that they respect their daughter in law because if they do not even though a women, they set a wrong message to their son for disrespecting their wife.
    I truly enjoyed reading your blog. Keep writing and looking forward to read your next blog.

  10. It’s so sad that till now society has not considered domestic violence as alarming as it should be. Hope in future the men give women their due respect. Very well written and depicted article on domestic violence.

  11. The article is really interesting and effective. Your outlook on life is amazing. You have written so well, the sadness is well depicted. You have an excellent gift of carving and weaving emotions into your narrations.
    Well done Kavya.

  12. The article is 100% true…it is happening ….that is wrong .we all have to control our senses and have pasions…This is the we all ua eto teach our kids about all these issues…and also how to have passions and teach them we all r equal no one is more important than other… According to this it to big figure of domestic violence…Raise your voice against this….