Suppose you get a time-traveling machine, which year you would like to travel back? Everyone will have both delightful and bitter experiences in their journey. Now we shall travel a hundred years behind our history.

Nearly two hundred years ago, when all the kinds of stuff like parcel posts, mails were on-trend, all the delivery companies hugely multiplied. A lot of facilities dramatically increased in exchanging the products that are in demand. Many of the people took it for an advantage. And these lead to unexpected tasks like sending their children through the mail. The very first incident happened was in 1913. An Ohio couple packed their son and mailed to his grandmother, who lived just a few miles away. After many controversies about the sexual assaults of the posted children, this method has blocked.

A Brief History of Children Sent Through the Mail | Smart News |  Smithsonian Magazine

A technic called baby cages came into vogue in 1922, the period where the craze for apartments had begun in London. Daring London moms have no other choices than hanging their babies inside a cage outside the window in the flats.

Since there was no space in between the houses, to make sure that the baby gets fresh air, the community in London began outfitting windows with infant-sized cage. This cage hangs out exteriorly from the house. After several accidents due to these cages, this kind of constructions has ceased.

1930s Outdoor Baby Cages - Historic Home Trends and Ideas

Various foreign countries have a craze on Indian people, one of the main features for their attraction is, India is spiritually a better country. As they cannot regularly visit our country for advice or blessings from saints, they made a new arrangement called Garden Hermits.

Several people who considered spiritually stronger are allowed to stay in hermitages built in the gardens of wealthy landowners. Such hermits would be encouraged to dress like druids and remain permanently on-site, not allowed to hold in drugs. They could be fed, cared for, and consulted for advice, or viewed for entertainment.

Why a hermit can be the perfect garden ornament | Financial Times

At the time of the evolution of western medicines, doctors of Egypt discovered a new technic blood-letting to overcome a disease. The process of blood-letting is, nicking some of the veins and arteries in the deceased person’s body by the practitioners to squeeze out the blood.

This has become the standard treatment for several conditions. One more improved version of this treatment is blood-leaching, and this would literally cause agonizing pain in the human body.

The most shocking history of shame and exploitation is the human zoo. Many western country people were unaware of some of the eastern countries such as India and Africa. So, inhumane shows held across the Western world where it has designed to emphasize the cultural difference between Europeans and people who were deemed primitive. And through that show, natives of India and Africa have exhibited for the visitors.

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