Scope of Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing ? If you are searching for the answer to this then you have landed in the right place. Here I will explain to you the Scope of digital marketing and the work of the Digital Marketer

Digital World

Scope of Digital Marketing is changing with time, the customers’ needs have changed from communicating to searching to buying things online; a customer expects a fully personalized result from a business. Over 80% of companies use Digital marketing as a source to evolve and advertise their products/services. Digital Marketing has come out to be quite a surprise, growing at a very rapid pace. It has created a lot of job opportunities. It is a reliable and user-friendly platform that helps a business reach a wide audience and create more job opportunities. Social media marketing, PPC, digital marketing consultant, SEOs are a few digital marketing roles. For a great career in digital marketing, it is very important to have ideas about the techniques and tactics of the digital marketing field.

Content making, Digital Marketing Manager, Web designing, social media manager, CRM manager, and email marketing manager are also great as a career in digital marketing. With evolution, companies every time try to advertise their products in the best way possible. And try to reach out to the target audience. With this COVID-19 situation companies are trying to shift more to digital marketing in order to advertise their business. This is because people today spent more time on the internet than they use to before. Previously marketing was more of a door-to-door service. And in that reaching out to a larger audience was quite difficult. But with time a customer needs everything on their fingertips. Now everything is on the internet.

Governments support towards Digital India

The ‘Digital India’ initiative aims to transform India into a digitally empowered country. The opportunities are not only available in urban areas but people living in rural areas too have access to them. Even start-ups are being launched and promoted digitally and with this trend of the Digital world. Institutes are to coming up with various courses in the digital marketing field, indicating it to be a desired career in the future.

After doing these digital marketing courses one can easily earn up to 20k – 30k in the starting time. It is pocket-friendly as it needs less an investment than previously where companies use to spend a lot to advertise their product in magazines and newspapers and radio shows.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing in Abroad

There is not the only scope in Digital Marketing in India. But abroad as well in other words it is limitless. It is important because it involves most of the work done online.

The U.S.A.

The United States of America is one developed and one of the most powerful countries in the world. With the advancement in technology, it is considered important to know digital marketing in the U.S.A.

The U.K.

The scope of Digital marketing is very bright then it is a booming career in the UK as well. With over 60 million people living in the UK, about 90% of people have an online presence. And digital marketers have a pay scale of £22,000 to £34,000. And this totally depends on their performance in the field.


In Canada, about 40 million people use the internet. The most asked or demanded job is of a Social Media Marketer. The Payscale in Canada is somewhere between CAD $52, 577 to CAD $70,000, and the digital marketers are hired on a full-time basis. In comparison to other countries, digital marketing is growing very rapidly as a career in Canada.


UAE is one of the largest markets of internet users, so every type of companies are using digital marketing to reach the audience. In industries like real estate, e-commerce, retail stores there is becoming a high demand for digital marketing and the best cities in Dubai for digital marketing are: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah and the pay scale are about AED 184,000 per Year but this depends on the level of experience and specialization in the field.

What is the work of a digital marketer?

So now the question arises, what is the scope of work of a digital marketer?

Well, the responsibilities of a digital marketer include Planning Campaigns, maintaining social media presence to engage the audience, and measuring and reporting the performance of different campaigns. A digital marketer is expected to have a strong understanding of the current marketing situation to execute the campaigns and then work with the team to launch them under budget. They work on identifying the trends and brainstorming with the team to create their own strategies and work on the implementation of plans and use their ability to understand the customer experience and collaborate with agencies and vendors and evaluate the technologies.

Online/Internet Marketing

If we talk about online marketing which can also be called Internet marketing, it is a type of marketing in which the internet is used as a medium to advertise and sell its products and services. Online marketing includes SEOs, Content writing, E-mail marketing, Blog Writing, Social Media Marketing, and affiliate marketing, and so on. As more and more people are connected to the internet, there comes a high chance that they’ll use its services which intern increase the scope of internet marketing, it is cost-effective as compared to other marketing strategies and it benefits both the customers as well as the business at the same time. It increases the conversion rate and hence generates better revenue and provides better opportunities for the business to interact with the audience.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Internet marketing provides 24-hour service to the customer wherein they can avail the opportunity to look for a product at any time any day at their convenience and can interact with the seller (business) to ask for the information of the product or service. They desire because it is internet marketing and not the traditional way of marketing. A business can reach out to its audience by interacting with them and learning more about their needs and build a good relationship with the customer and gain access to the market easily. Not only this, a business can ask for customer feedback and work on it and satisfy the customer by fulfilling his needs and engage them by organizing campaigns to increase the traffic.

Few Mistakes committed by Businesses

High traffic on the website is very important for a business to run successfully. But even after getting high traffic on their website businesses fail to maintain their online presence, well there are few mistakes that business do which includes: Not having clarity on their goals as to what are their long term goals or their strategy to attract the target audience. They just post on social media endlessly without having a specific idea; this mistake can be stopped from happening. If the business has a clear picture of its target audience by creating buyer personas which is one of the most effective ways to understand the customer and also creating valuable content that engaging the audience by educating them, inspiring them, and creating awareness. Not only could this by keeping in touch with them would also help with this mistake.

The other reason could be not having an effective strategy. Businesses need to have a good understanding of the market and trying and testing different tactics could possibly help with this. The last and most common mistake would be sharpening SEOs strategy. So, one of the most effective ways to increase visibility is by improving SEO. This helps websites to show in various search engines and this would help the business to remain competitive.


Well, it is very clear that Digital Marketing is going to be a big thing in the future. Because of the increase in internet users and customer satisfaction, it would not be wrong to say that digital marketing would be an effective way for businesses to advertise their products or services in the future. And it can replace television advertisements in the coming times!!

SEO – Amjad Ansari

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