Why status is important?

Status a pleasing position for every one of us and showcases or showrooms are the place where status is put on display. Showrooms are the glittering lights for our eyes. Higher status is the ambition of our never-ending wants. The craving for status is leading the world towards the world of showrooms. Showrooms have rapidly raised the price of status. Status and showrooms are like two siblings having a strong bond with each other.

Why showroom is an attraction?

By listening to the word showrooms, a picture of multi-store malls or the big shops with heavy white lights and front side fully designed with transparent glasses, which amuses our eyes come to our mind but showrooms has no limit to the concrete non-living shops or malls, it is more than that.

Our body is a showroom which is seen everywhere around us, moving and breathing. The generally, labelled showrooms have a collection of one kind of thing, like showrooms of shoes, watches, men’s wedding wear, women’s wedding wear, and many more but the showroom in which our soul resides is a collection of different things, like T-shirt and jeans from a different brand, pieces of jewelry, makeup, and shoes.

When you enter a showroom, the first impression of the showroom comes to your mind is by looking at the lights, atmosphere, products on display and staffs of the showroom, like that only when a person meets us at first, he or she takes our first impression by looking at our style of dressing, the jewelry we present with our dressing and the way we manage our hairstyles. Our eyes are the first one to give our mind the first impression of anything or anyone.

Learn to adapt change

With the passing years, the world around us changes, we find ourselves in the world with more development attracting our eyes. Some people don’t find these changes affecting them. They just flow with the changes, they cope up with it mentally and financially both. Some people in our society are there who bring these changes to our society. They just enjoy the changes but there is also a small part of peoples living in our society who are also amaze and attracting towards these changes of society.

From small shops to the big showrooms but they get affect by these changes financially. Showrooms have lightened the world for some and darken life for others. Most of the peoples have a mindset of judging someone just by seeing the person at first. People judge someone by looking at the display on their showroom without even having a conversation with that person.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

If someone is wearing everything of the reputed brand then that person is very educated, his personality is good and is labelled as “High Status” and if someone is wearing some random cloth is labelled as “Low Status”.

If you are entering a big showroom with normal clothing and the other person entering after you is wearing branded clothes, then in most of the showrooms you will definitely notice discrimination in the behavior and the reaction of the staff, they will attend the other person with more politeness and a smiling face than you Even if you are more interested in buying things and have a better bank balance than the other person then also they will give you the second priority and will try really hard to impress the other person because your first impression they have taken is by looking at your showroom’s display. People are treated on the basis of the showroom they own.

It always matters what you see!

People look at the showroom which you own and then they themselves decide your status. If a very rich person dressing up in very shabby clothes and long hairs enters a mall or a diamond showroom, or any other place which is very expensive or cost something, people starting abusing him. You will give a very bad reaction or make fun of his clothes and hairs even if he is just sitting beside you in the cinema theatre, why? Just because his clothes are not matching to the status of showrooms which are allowed to live in this world and deserve respect.

The same person is dressing up in very classy branded clothes and trim hair enters a diamond showroom, everyone will start looking at him. Earlier also people starred him but with eyes filled with anger and irritation. But this time people will stare him with the sparkling eyes. People warmly welcome him, earlier people had thrown him out of his shop. If now that person will sit beside you, you will give him a very amazing look. And will start complimenting his clothes and his hairstyle earlier you were making fun of his hairs. The same person with the different displays on his showroom is being treated differently by the same peoples just because his status was judged differently according to his showroom. People start carving you in their minds just by having a glance of you even before having a conversation with you.

The cover page of the book gives you the impression of the book, it is true but partially, what if the cover page of the book is very decorative and attracting but the whole book is blank. Looks do matter, a person dressed up in clean cloth looks good and his personality looks bold but it doesn’t mean a person with normal clothes is not full of talents. Judge the book by reading it not by its cover page.

“An Expensive Displays of the Showroom may be the label of High Status but the True Status sits Inside the Showroom.”

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