Stubble Crises


Stubble burning is always been the main problem for Delhi when winters are about to knock at the door. It is weird how these things are burnt in the open which lead to a huge amount of increase in air pollution? This act happened every year sometimes in September and then the whole October turned into the hell with all the sky covered in unhealthy air. How the hell ministers aren’t doing anything about it? Are these people out of their fucking senses when they burnt the stubble out in the open turning other people lives into hell? I still remember that time in October of 2016 when the whole sky turned into the black from blue due to this thing and it was right after Diwali so at that time situation was even worse. From that year it’s been like an annual ritual that those bastards are performing due to which other people have to suffer. 

Same happened this year too. The number of cases of crop stubble burning cases in Punjab has been on a rise for the last 5 days, mainly in Amritsar district; and it was more clear and proven with the help of the images that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have shown.. According to NASA on 20th September 20 stubble burned and on 21st September 42 stubble were burnt in Punjab. This is only starting in coming future more stubble will burn and it will add more and more pollution. Space agency of America National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has   warned that the small plumes of smoke can be seen in the sky over the Delhi and the city’s air quality will get worse and worse in the coming weeks of October and by the end of the October it will get very worse. According to experts because of the return of monsoon season in Delhi in the first week of October for a long time, the winds will blow in the north and in north-west direction. Due to blowing of the wind in north and in the north-west direction the stubble smoke from neighbouring states like Punjab and Haryana will reach in Delhi by the start of October. By the third week of October due to this smoke whole region under Delhi-NCR can be covered under pollution. According to the studies and the data of state government of Delhi the last year stubble burning accounted for 44% of the whole city’s air pollution. According to Delhi environment minister Gopal Rai Punjab produces 20 million tonnes of crop stubble out of which 9 million tonnes were burnt last year because of which 44% of last year’s city’s pollution was because of stubble burning. In Haryana, 1.23 million tonnes of the 7 million tonnes of stubble were burnt by farmers.  Burning of stubble won’t only affect Delhi in future but also it had the worst affect in Amritsar in Punjab. Other districts were also affected and marked Red Dots which means in these areas fire was seen in last few days and  these areas were Tarn Taran, Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Gurdaspur, Pathankot and the parts of Firozapur.

It isn’t like the government is not taking any steps but these steps aren’t enough. According to the experts, the government is providing farmers with subsidies in return of not burning the stubble. Punjab is also provided with 50 machines but they are very low in the finance department due to corona virus and don’t have enough money for the diesel. And there was also an increase in the prices of diesel for the usage of the machines. This made it more difficult for farmers. Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday said that the government will give farmers a product by Pusa Agriculture Institute, which can turn stubble into manure to avoid stubble burning without any expense. The product in the form of capsules has to be mixed in water and sprayed on the straw to decompose it.

Government is taking many steps to solve this issue apparently Delhi cm is been studying bio decompose technique from the scientist to solve the problem. I hope this issue gets solved as soon as possible and everyone becomes happy.