Why do people believe in the unbelievable?

From breaking mirrors to hanging lemon and chilies, India is a nation of different cultures and customs, just as of a ton of strange notions. Individuals are bound with their concerning religion with body and soul. But this confidence in their religion appears as superstitions. The blind belief or confidence for powerful components or episodes is called superstitions. We see them all around consistently. 

A black cat crosses our way and like a dead sculpture, we stop and wait for another person to pass first.There are witches and dark entertainers who can enchant you and cause you to react precisely to their dull wishes. Bleeding ladies are viewed as impure and messy, Don’t wash or trim hairs on specific days and what not… 

But, the best part about our nation is that we keep on rehearsing them regardless of knowing nothing will happen. Incredible India? Truly!

In any case, later a few notions have been cleaned out from society with the improvement of science and innovation. Yet, not totally cleared out.

Does this have to do with our inability to isolate religion and confidence from faith in the otherworldly? Or on the other hand is this the consequence of shallow training, particularly science instruction? Maybe both. This is our chaotic socio-cultural reality. The low education rate is a crucial factor behind the notions in India. Again in our nation, a great deal of phony Baba’s or Pundits are discovered who make individuals offbeat for the sake of religion. By doing so they make individuals fool as well as dissipate the seed of odd notions in India for their own advantages.

There is a need to shed these notions on society. Blameless individuals become casualties of such notions. Now and then, they lose their lives and riches because of them.

 It won’t change for the time being. Also, it won’t change by piling criticism on such individuals. But, gradually evolving with the era and the developing society and technology will serve fruitfully.

Also, Educated individuals must approach to expel the cover of strange notions from before the eyes of the individuals. Sustainable goals and genuine advancement will happen when our educators are changed by their own training and their private and open lives are predictable with these scholarly and social qualities. 

The equivalent goes for our public figures, those in power. If they also carry on with their twofold false beliefs, at that point their activities will also flag the equivalent ambivalence.

 ‘This pseudo belief has gotten more contamination than good karma.’

So next  whenever you break a mirror, see a black cat or experience twitching of the eye – don’t stress a lot over “misfortune”, as it’s most probable only the trick  of  your brain.

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