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Poverty can adversely affect the population in such a lot of ways. Families living in poverty can face emotional and social challenges, cognitive lacks and health and questions of safety and acute and chronic stresses. Levels of stress increase with the economic circumstances. Subsequent poverty and job loss are related to violence in families, including child and elder abuse. These families also […]
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Poverty and its menace – Poverty is a state in which one is devoid of usual income and possessions. This definition is quite specific to monetary beliefs. It presents this egregious social evil through only one lens. When we talk about poverty, it signifies a collective term consisting of various interlinked components such as social […]
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Poverty is one driver of the impending great reversal. The world was not on track for the 2030 goal of eradicating extreme poverty before COVID-19, and progress was slowing. We are now heading in the wrong direction. Based on national poverty lines, UNICEF and Save the Children estimate that the global downturn in economic growth […]
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In effect, the coronavirus pandemic and the economic consequences of an extended business shutdown could swell the ranks of India’s poorest to 915 million. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/09/coronavirus-could-push-half-a-billion-people-into-poverty-globally.html From 60 per cent, the proportion of people below the poverty line could increase to 68 per cent – a situation seen in the country more than a decade ago. […]
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Around the world 218 million children are involved in child labour. Child labour is any work done by children that is dangerous keeps them from getting an education and is harmful to their health and development. India is home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. There are many inter-linked factors contributing […]

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