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Introduction Social media includes multiple applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. They have created global platforms for discussion of topics ranging from social issues. Like climate change or complex scientific discussions that allow technological advancements at an ever growing pace. However, with all its benefits there are a variety of negative consequences that […]
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Negative impact of social media is something we all know about. Almost 25% of adolescents believe that social media has a mostly negative effect. Social media has been implying a negative impact among the youth and the adults. Social media’s craze has been increasing day-by-day among everyone. High usage of social media can lead to […]
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Creating videos on YouTube step by step: Once you have successfully set up your YouTube channel, you need to begin uploading your content. YouTube Live allows users to broadcast live content to viewers. Live video allows you to easily share unfiltered moments. It lets your audience participate with real-time comments and reactions. Live videos on […]
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What is Media? Media is a medium to pass information from a sender to the viewers. It is a sign of citizen power. It was and it is a platform where the revolution begins. It is a platform full of unbiased and true information. Role of media is to spreads awareness, reality and truth among […]
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Trolling- A trending fashion. Technology has been evolved over time with a very fast rate. We humans have developed our surroundings, our Nation and the whole world. Technology has played a very important role in connecting the world together. As technology is developing every day, we not only connected with the whole world we are […]
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Introduction In ancient times, our world had no technology. People did all their work on their own. But as days passed on, technologies got introduced and then started developing day by day. Today, it has developed very much across the world. Our whole world is digitalized now. Still, it is developing more and more. So […]

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