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Destiny – Did you know that as long as your answer matches the book the teacher doesn’t care it’s the wrong one? It does kind of make our life easy but on the other end, if someone asks you a question and you give them the answer according to your non-updated NCERT, that’s embarrassing. But does that even matter? Our marks define us in this society. It doesn’t matter if we are truly learning or not. From an early age, we are told that failing an exam is equivalent to the end of the cosmos. This year when I failed my exams, Cosmos didn’t end. Trust me I was so excited that the world is coming to an end. Like who wants to live in this world, but it didn’t. Something did happen, now I’m this free bird because people now don’t have many expectations.

Each day we wake up as bored students who consider studying disease and teachers a pesticide sucking blood out of us. With the talk and chalk system of studying, we hardly have any practical knowledge. We live in a society where formulas win over concepts, and theories win over a practice. If I were a superhero, I would fly. If I were rich, I would buy the system. If I were intelligent, I would not have shown trust in the system. If I were to have Alzheimer’s it wouldn’t have bothered me. It’s not just about the illiteracy rate, which says otherwise but about the system. The basis of our system is everything but education. Our system of education is in fact the Britisher’s system which is 75 years old. Our system is not changing, and we all know that Change is inevitable.


A very good Chinese proverb states that ‘ If you’re thinking a year ahead, plant a seed. If you’re thinking a decade ahead, plant a tree. If you’re thinking a century ahead, educate the people.’ But considering we are anti-China, why would we even care about their proverb. More than 13% of students scored above 90 percent in the year 2020 from CBSE leaving 87 percent of the students nervous about their future especially at the time when they neither have resources nor the will to ask their unemployed parents for the  Rs 8,00,000 private institution. Every hour one student commits suicide in India, with about 28 such suicides reported every day, according to data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) which is a compilation of pre-covid data when students had a life and things to occupy their mind. 

It’s astonishing to see that India has a 243 million adolescent population which is the largest in the world and yet nobody is bothered to do something about it but instead is ready to shoot the child indirectly. The time changed and possessing a general caste certificate is a sin and on top of that killing the little chances they have. The reservation system is killing the dreams of the one who truly deserves merit. The year 2020 is not just a dubious year but a doomed year for the movers and shakers, for it will shake them in a manner that they might reach their nadir, and their cry would not be heard for they are at the age where they are neither kids nor adults but someone who has the weight of the world, as they are considered the destiny of the nation, deprived of their own destiny.


On average an Indian parent can’t afford the extravagant educational system. It is said that investment in education is the best investment, but is it? The extravagant fees only for the memory test? Are we actually doing the right investment, we need to ask ourselves. The job market doesn’t provide us the flashy money we spent on years of education. A degree today is just a plastic crown which is easier achieved by SC/ ST. There is no character development, one learns more from books than teachers. We live in a society where teaching is considered the last career resort, then how can we expect quality teaching. We cannot do wonders with that mindset. One needs to realize the joy in teaching and not start their teaching career out of helplessness. It’s the most important career because it leads to the development of a child.

We have all argued about the education system for far too long but we also need to consider other things with it. Education is not only about pricey books, It’s about personal growth. We need growth in all aspects and learn morals. We need sex education to enlighten us about it, so we can stop considering it as a taboo. A sense of morality lies behind sex education, in a society where arranged marriage is a ritual, and sex talk is a hushed topic. The coaching industry is flourishing and the reason is obvious. On certain occasions you find students visiting the same coaching institution where their school teachers teach, which highlights another huge problem. Teaching today is just a commercialized sector. Today it’s not about imparting knowledge, but about earning money. We need to question can we really grow as a nation, with a mentality like this? 

THE CHAOS in Destiny

Our education system is like a 21st-century economy with 19th-century bureaucracy working on 18th-century rules. Today movies like Dead Poet Society seem like fiction because for the generation it kind of is because we hardly encounter teachers who teach to inspire. We find teachers who believe in getting the syllabus complete. Have you ever noticed a change in your teachers reaction when someone comes to supervise them? It makes me question the education system more. Is the education system merely for show? 


Now is the time we hear the unheard, we cannot ignore them. The time with the pandemic has made it worse for them, not only because of the absence of loved ones but because they are the future. We need to look for mental development and a way out. The scars of childhood trauma don’t leave. Today we are the jack of all trades, with our minds always wondering, we don’t master anything. We are the product of an incompetent system, young, broke, and unheard. 


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