“The MOST VALUABLE SKILL that you can have”


Now the topic which I am going to discuss today is really very important for everyone to succeed in their life because this is a main factor because of which success comes to us and that is “DISCIPLINE” and many of us know very well that without this nothing can be achieved. Just look around and ask yourself that are you really disciplined in your life? I know very well that for the majority of you, the answer would be “No”, in fact more than 98% of us are not disciplined.

We always think that we will do this, and we will do that but in reality we don’t do any of it. In fact, just ponder over before sleeping that how many of your tasks are you really able to complete by the end of your day and I am very sure you would have got the answer for the above – mentioned question by me. In many studies it is even found that an average human being only completes around less than 20% of his tasks which he plans in the starting of the day. I am sure it’s an eye opening disclosure of the fact and all of you will be stunned by the revelation of this fact and would be surely think that this result is right. Also, you would be thinking that you are not alone ie. not only you are facing these issues, in fact most of the people are facing it.

Yes it’s right and the reason behind why we are not able to accomplish our daily goals is because of lack of self discipline. We need to really master this in order to be boosting our completion ratio to more than 80%. And do remember that it’s not a very tough task to be done. It’s just that you have to start once and include it in your daily routine. You would see the magic yourself.

There are also certain other factors about which you really need to know to accomplish your task. It is very important to stop “procrastination”. So what is this term? Many of us might know it but let me explain it for those who do not have any idea about this term. It basically refers to postponing our tasks for the future and saying ‘kal karlenge’ or ‘bad mein karenge’ and this would really backfire us very soon because it’s never advised to postpone any of our tasks, but YES you can postpone some very less important tasks to some other day, but do try to complete all your other tasks on that day.

Self Discipline plays a vital role in leading you toward your goals.

Then comes day-dreaming, this is also a very important issue because of which our tasks get delayed, now day dreaming as the term suggest is dreaming about something like your future, your girlfriend, or your fantasies during the day. So because of this habit too, a lot of people are not able to complete their tasks in the prescribed time. Anyone who has big dreams and would want to accomplish something big in his life should minimize the these habits and rather focus on completing his errands.

I too have faced these issues many times and these are unavoidable reasons. In fact when these happen to us, they are irresistible and we cannot control our brains. It automatically happens to us and the only way to minimize these habits is to practice having control over yourself and especially your brain and try to implement discipline in your life.

Try to maintain a diary keep noting daily. Start your notes by mentioning when you get up. In the morning, mention all the tasks that you have to do for that day and check your diary at night to find out how many tasks you were really able to accomplish. Also analyze what were the reasons for not completing the incomplete ones. If you cannot manage a diary then take out about twenty minutes from your hectic schedule at night and just think about how many tasks you were able to complete and how many you were not able to complete and find out the reasons for it. This is very important as it makes you conscious of your thought process prevent you from repeating your mistakes.