The movie is an adaptation of one of the best-selling novels of Aravind Adiga The White Tiger. It has an ensemble cast of Priyanka Chopra, Adarsh Gaurav and Rajkumar Rao. It is an excellent portrayal of rich and poor disparity and the master-slave mentality that prevails in our minds.  The movie starts in a bizarre yet thrilling way. It then moves on to introducing Balram, who sees the news of the Chinese President visiting India to learn about entrepreneurship in India. Yearning to talk to him, he writes an email sharing his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur in Bangalore.

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He reminisces his childhood with the one incident in school where an officer calls him the “white tiger”. He henceforth considers himself as someone who is born to change everything and create a revolution. His dreams shatter after his loved father’s demise as he had to leave his education and work. He then meets Ashok, the landlord’s son whom he chooses to be his “master”. He is not given the respect he deserves and at times is ill-treated, yet he remains loyal to his master. There is a beautiful relationship between Ashok, Pinky and Balram  where Balram considers him their family.

 A striking personality of Balram is that he is ready to do anything for his master. It is this innate characteristic of his that brings about a sense of vulnerability in his otherwise insensitive character.  The movie depicts how harsh circumstances can make a person cruel and uncompassionate. Balram tries to escape from what he calls “rooster coop” by killing his own “loved” master for money and flees away to Bangalore to start his own business. 

 He justifies his actions saying that he did this to switch sides and now he is in his master’s position. His human nature is shown when he says that he would not allow any driver to take the blame for an accident as he knows the pain of being let out by your own master.The movie concludes with him meeting the President and stating sarcastically  that our future relies on the “yellow” and “brown” people. 

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Overall, it is a story with a dark humour that would put your minds into thinking. Questions like “Do we loathe our master behind a façade of love or love them behind a façade of loathing” gives an introspective approach to the film. On the whole, a great satirical, dark story that plays with the minds of the audience, excellent acting by the cast, and amazing cinematography that pulls you into the land where the story unfolds! 

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