Top 5 skills in demand in 2020 , This year has not been void of surprises with the constant lockdowns imposed. This has shifted the demand from skills that were considered lucrative before. Replaced them with the jobs that can cater to the condition of the present time. We, therefore, see a radical change in what the employers in various industries demand from potential candidates and employees.

We also see an increase in the number of talented people looking for work due to massive layoffs. This allows companies to have more supply of candidates. Which is profitable for them as it allows better, more qualified candidates willing to take lesser salaries. Therefore the requirement of competency has never been higher.

The top 5 in demand skills are as follows:

1.Content Creation

This career has become extremely lucrative. The job opportunities have increased due to the rise in consumption of content on all platforms. This is allowing companies to receive more exposure in the current time and make their brand name known. Content creators are employed by the company and may produce written content like posters, social media posts, articles, etc. They also may produce animations, videos, and graphics. That can be used on Snapchat,  Instagram or Facebook pages or on the business websites to gain traction.

 Another added factor is the reduction in the cost of individual employees. This, in fact, makes it a  golden opportunity for companies to gain exposure. As they have a variety of people looking for jobs with varying levels of skills, flushing the marketplace. Thus getting companies the best value for their money. 

2.Marketing and data computing 

Industries realize that to maximize their marketing efforts it is essential for them to target their efforts. Helping them minimize their cost per added customer. This creates a tremendous opportunity for data mining experts that can provide user targeting. That is targeting those customers that are most likely to convert into direct sales. This includes using data from sites like Facebook to determine the particular customers that are interested in what the company offers. Allowing them to direct advertisements to those individuals specifically. This allows them to reduce the cost of advertisements as they become better targeted, reducing the chance of wasted ads on uninterested clients.

This skill in collaboration with Search engine optimization allows employees to stand apart. As they can create tremendous traffic and value for their employers. As the employees can drive traffic towards their content by optimizing the search results to favor their posts.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Companies realize the costs of creating content and the added cost of advertisements. They are therefore using the skills and reach of existing social media influencers to boost traffic for their sites. Social media influencers use sites such as Facebook, Snapchat and even Tik-Tok and have preexisting audiences. The companies pay these influencers to give tutorials on how to use their products and services. Which they then post to their large and varied audiences.

 They have begun to use these platforms and can therefore reach millions of people. That would create massive exposure and create a buzz that lasts for weeks or even months. They are relatively inexpensive compared to conventional advertising like Television and can create interest in a variety of new, unexplored markets. By using these new media influencers, they also seem to create an aura of hip or cool for their own company which helps bolster their image as a brand.

4. Business development

With the changing times, the strategies of companies have proven to be outdated and the owners are looking for new and improved methods of reaching their customers and provide the business satisfaction that will create permanent bonds. Companies are in search of employees that are creative in their approach and can handle operations on a large scale to meet the rising demands while not compromising on the principles of the companies and the quality of their end product.

Every healthy company requires a constant revision or modification of their business plan. This does not necessarily mean on the large scale, but on the scales of individual branches. Employers want employees that are able to suggest new plans of action and implement them. Especially during the pandemic, these changes are needed and a fresh outlook is often times appreciated.

5. Market research

Market research is the identification of trends and the implementation of plans that will allow companies to most benefit from them. This includes determining which products people will demand more of according to the data available. For example, we know that during Diwali season in delhi, the air purifier business will boom. By recognizing this we can use our marketing resources to focus on air purifiers and target users with enticing offers,

Companies are in a desperate search to recognize where the funds need to be allocated for the maximum return. Research will allow enterprises to profit from the current situation and use effective strategies to implement plans that will help their companies gain a solid footing at the time of the pandemic.

In conclusion

Students and people that have been laid off must use this increased demand in industries to their advantage by focusing their effort towards them. There are also multiple resources online to learn skills such as Content writing and Data mining that can improve your chance for employment. Use this time well to build a varied tool kit and you will most definitely become a valuable candidate. Recognize the trends in the general job market and cater to meeting those demands.

I believe that this is the time for companies to be smarter in their approach. To attempt new techniques catering to the demands aswell as using the new opportunities provided by the pandemic. Companies must realize that this is the golden opportunity in content advertisement and they must use their reach to employ cheap yet skilled employees who are readily available on various sites such as and They must use this opportunity to learn from their past mistakes and create a business model that can thrive and survive the hurdles in the future.



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