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What is child trafficking?

It is a saddening trafficking practice aiming to destroy a child and use him/her for personal benefits. Once they are trafficked, these people (traffickers) will transport them to other parts of the world for domestic slavery, factory work or for sexual pleasure. These people control the children by various means like torturing physically or emotionally. They use drugs on female children, so that they won’t struggle or try to harm , while having sex. Time has come to eradicate this word from our dictionaries.

What are the causes of child trafficking?


This is the most common cause for trafficking of children. In certain cases, financially-weak parents give birth to children and then realize that they can’t afford to have them and support their needs. As a consequence, they recklessly abandon their children in the streets, to look after themselves. These children are more prone to attack and torture from traffickers.

children who are living with their parents also trafficked by these people sometimes. These traffickers brainwash the parents by conveying that they would educate their children along with the provision for healthy food and clothes. These parents fall for their trap and hand over their child to these people without knowing their true identity.

Lack of education:

The traffickers usually target children with poor education. Literacy is very important in our modern society, and without it it is extremely difficult to survive. These children cannot read anything around them and are even obliged to find their location.

These children are victims of child labour to support their family and are also paid indiscriminately. They remain poor, without education and thereby become vulnerable for these traffickers.

Lack of enforcement:

There are some rules against child trafficking, but nobody cares much. Traffickers don’t fear these laws and they kidnap and sell children without hesitation. By taking robust action, it can be stopped. The government should provide enforcement for tracking these traffickers. We can’t let any of them escape justice, they have to be punished.

How to prevent child trafficking?

Thoughts without actions are useless. Everyone is worried about child trafficking, but no one is ready to step up for the cause. A small measure can make a huge difference. Some of the following measures need to be secured by the population so as to stop child trafficking :

Educating the young ones:

Lack of education is one of the main reasons for trafficking. Therefore, every child has to be educated. Even though it is mandatory for children aged below 14 years to have education, vast and major cannot afford it. Government should look more into this matter, so that there will not be any uneducated children. Every school should impart knowledge about the children trafficking and the steps which should be taken in those situations.The educated children are more active and mature to handle these deadly scenarios.

Creating awareness among the parents:

Lack of awareness among the parents could pave the way to child trafficking. They don’t know about how traffickers get inside children’s minds and kidnap them. Educated people should explain these things to parents and as to how to handle them. Having an educated community is best for a child, therefore, programs and literary events should be organized to engage awareness among them.

Discouraging Child Labour:

Many poor children work in industries to earn money and look after their families since a very young age. These industries should inform respective authorities about those children, so that they could be taken care of. Government should educate them and provide resources for the survival of their families.

Some of the dealers purchase children from traffickers to use them as workers. Therefore, officials should check every industry for child labourers. They need to take strict action against the industries following such a shameful policy.


As per the International Labour Organization, approximately 10, 000 children are trafficked every year. Despite the government placing and establishing policies on eradicating child trafficking, this phenomenon is unstoppable. We should appreciate such efforts, however, we should also keep in mind that it’s not just the government’s duty to prevent such practices. It’s our responsibility to look after the children of our society, by informing the authorities about any child trafficking activity we witnessed.


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