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Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Your personality is a direct reflection of your mindset, what is your approach towards life and how you tackle them. Understanding one’s personality is a difficult task yet important as knowing your own personality can help you choose the right career for yourself. The Myers-Briggs Personality theory is one of the most famous theories that categories all personalities into 8 types. 

Introvert Vs Extrovert 

Sensing Vs Intuitive  

Thinker Vs Feeler 

Judging Vs Perceiving 

Personality Traits & Personality Types: What is Personality? | Live Science

Introvert Vs Extrovert 

Introverts are people who prefer recharging alone. They focus on themselves, their inner self and like solitude than meeting or talking to people. Extroverts are fun-loving, outspoken people who talk what they feel. They love spending time meeting people and enjoy social life. If you want to find whether you are an introvert or extrovert, ask yourself the following questions: 

Do you admire and enjoy the beauty of nature?   

Do you like to participate in lively discussions?   

Are you a good listener? 

If your answer is yes for question 1 and 3 then you are an introvert. An ambivert is one who shows equal qualities of both introverts and extroverts. 

Sensing Vs Intuitive 

People who have a sensing attitude are practical people who live and focus in the present. They are detail oriented and are more likely to be constantly working. An intuitive person is visionary, imaginative people who read between lines and are focused on inner meanings. They are futuristic and like to dream and experiment with different things. To find out what personality you possess: 

Do you at times have unrealistic goals and dreams? 

Are you a metaphoric speaker? 

Are you concerned more about the big picture and symbolize things? 

If all these questions have a yes as an answer, then no doubt, you are an intuitive person. 

Thinker Vs Feeler 

Thinkers are rational people who take decisions based on facts and objective criteria, and use logics to solve problems. They are critical, analytical and just. They sometimes come across as cold and unemotional. Feelers are people who have the motive to understand and connect with people. They value relationships and emotions more than anything. They are always afraid of taking decisions on their own as they are apprehensive of hurting others. The questions below can help determine what personality trait you have: 

Do you prefer taking important decisions on your own without consulting others? 

Are you one of those people who consider and think twice of the effect of your actions on other people before executing them? 

Do you consider emotions as a vulnerability/liability? 

If questions 1 and 3 have a yes, then no doubt you are a thinker!! 

Judging Vs Perceiving 

People who possess the trait of judging are usually good decision makers as they have an unbiased, strong opinion on things. They are neat, organised and rigid. People who perceive are good in taking in information as they are open-minded to take new ideas and decisions. They are more flexible and spontaneous. 

Do you maintain or like to work from a to-do list? 

Are you capable of taking fair and just decisions? 

Do you think a lot before speaking? 

If all questions get a yes as answer, then you have a great judging personality indeed! 

These are the broad classes of personalities. Each one of us may have few or sometimes a combination of all these personality traits inside. That is what makes us unique and different from the rest! 

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