What a feeling


Feelings are what make us human. What we feel is what we express. Without our feelings our emotions we are nothing but a zombie or a monster because these creatures can’t feel anything. It is one of the greatest things a human can do. We can feel different things happiness, angriness, sadness or loss.

What a feeling is that when someone is so kind to you that you never expected one to be. It is very weird and strange but it is a great feeling when someone turned out exactly the opposite of what you had already thought about them. You get to see the complete opposite side of that person. What a feeling is that when you go out on a date with that one person you like for such a long time and when you finally get to do that it is so great. It must be an amazing feeling. You get an opportunity to show that person why you ask them out, why you selected only that person among all you must feel great doing all these things. What an amazing feeling is that for a couple when they become parents for the first time when their child hold their one finger with his/her whole hand. That must be an amazing feeling for the parents when they see all the things their child does for the first time like his/her first walk, first time going to school (parents took his/her picture in that school dress for the first time) including these and many other things children do for the first time and not only the first time parents love every single thing their children do because that’s what makes them happy the most. It must be a good feeling all these things. Not only parents but you feel amazing when we watch all those beautiful sunset and sunrise when you get to go to a new land to explore that place, to try new stuff there and get to know about people there their heritage what things they believe in, what are their dislikes and likes and get to know different point of view of different people so that we can learn more and more and get inspired. What a feeling is that. Not only going to different places feels great when you get to return to your native land to your home after your trip or when you return to your loved ones because of your destination job you feel kind of strange, you are happy internally and you are crying but in a cool way because you get to meet your parents and get to see you loved ones. It is such a good feeling. Everyone knows it is hard to say goodbyes to your close friends when they have to leave you because of many reasons and you get to meet them after a long time. You get to tell tales of your life after they left and browsing all the past memories with your friends and going to the same coffee shop, the place you used to go when you were children. Not only going to different places from your childhood days but also you get to sit on locations where you guys used too. Among all of these things you get to spend the time with them, you are able to meet them again when you all thought we are never going to see each other again. What a feeling is that. How amazing is that when you get to fulfil your dreams that you were holding since you were a small kid and you know right at that moment yes this is what I wanted, this is what I wanted to achieve, oh yes I finally made it. What a fine feeling is that.

It is not happiness that what we human feel all the time it can be anything sadness of losing someone or sadness because of anything. Not only sadness but it can be anything. Just want to say it is ok to feel anything because if we humans can’t feel then which thing we do that we do honestly. It is ok what you feel and tries to express it if you are happy to tell people what you are happy about, you feel love towards someone tell them how much you love them, sad about anything just let it out and if one wants to cry let it out let it all out.

It is ok now and if it is not then in future it will be. Just don’t worry about it everything will alright.