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There was someone, I couldn’t recognize this person but I knew in an instant that it’s not a good sign. I started running, and suddenly there was a rift and then I was falling, falling from my bed onto the floor scattered with laundry. We all had such dreams, being chased by or falling from the height and how can we forget the worst one where you lose your loved one. None of it makes any sense in real life. Sometimes it triggers us but for most days, we have no remembrance of it. According to scientific research, a person spends 6 years of their life dreaming. Moreover, dreams showcase negative aspects of life more than a positive ones.

Personal experience profoundly determines our dream but some dreams are common across all cultures. There is no general indication of these dreams but they often imply a deeper meaning. It could be a subconscious thing or a deep desire or a feeling. Research suggests that people over the age of ten years dream 4 to 6 times each night.   As per the Hall study, the most common feeling in a dream is anxiety. It also suggests that negative emotions are much more common than positive emotions. Which further informs us how we subconsciously see things that haunt us. People generally see images from the day preceding or from the week before. Some experience déjà vu which refers to the feeling of being in the exact same place previously in life.

Certain dreams are common for instance falling or being chased by or the most horrific death of a loved one. I recently had a dream so vivid that I woke up panting, wondering what just happened. It took me 15 minutes to compose myself and all I could think was, what if it’s a sign. We all have experienced incidents like that and probably it’s just our brains’ way to tell us that we need to mend things, relationships. There are chances that you might see your loved one die in your dreams. It could either be your subconscious brain showing you the damaged relation or it could merely be because of a major change or the decision taken.

We all deal with things differently, sometimes we feel claustrophobic, sometimes there is a mountain of anger and rage and it piles. There are times when we ignore a feeling for too long to the point that we finally forget about it, but subconsciously it is still there. Those subconscious thoughts do come back in the image of dreams, they might not be precise but they do indicate the oppressed feelings.


The scientific study suggests that within 5 minutes of waking up the person forgets 50 percent of the dream, while others don’t even remember having one the night before. Rapid Eye Movement is the reason which dreams occur. Rapid Eye Movement or REP refers to the stage of sleep when there is rapid eye movement in various directions, it occurs in the first 90 minutes of sleep and reoccurs throughout the sleeping cycle. With the REP stage, there is an increase in brain activity leading us to dream.

People across the ages defined dreaming in their own terms some considered it as a word of god, while others argued and termed it as an evil interference. As per ancient Indian texts, there are two definitions of a dream, one being the soul desire and the other being the belief that the soul leaves the body and is guided until it is awakened. Apart from that, some believe it’s an insight of repressed childhood memories or obsessions.

Throughout history, we can see how the different centuries had different views regarding dreams. In 3100 BC at the time of Mesopotamian history, dreams were always held to be extremely important for deviation and Mesopotamian kings paid close attention to them.  While if we study Buddhism, we realize that in their history the same dream occurred to sundry people when Lord Buddha was leaving his home. Moreover, Protestant Martin Luther himself believed dreams as a demon’s insight. From being in a subconscious state at night to being in a conscious state drifting to daydreaming we all have been there. Regardless of the horrible nightmares, daydreaming is indeed an evil spirit for me.


When it comes to daydreaming it also doesn’t promise us rainbows in the long run. Daydreaming has a dark side in itself although it can make you creative. It is the state of mind that detaches us from the task at hand. People on average spend 47 percent of the waking time daydreaming to escape reality. While a little daydream of the fan falling in the midst of boring mathematics class is healthy, but at large it’s not.

People tend to turn towards daydreaming in order to feel good about life. When they are all vulnerable and things are not going their way, they turn towards the dark side. They tend to have negative thoughts like ‘ I’m not good enough’ or ‘everyone hates me’. These dark thoughts lead them towards depression and self-harm. Instead of solving a problem, they turn towards their imaginary dark world.


One of the symptoms of mental illness is daydreaming. The complication with daydreaming is that it can make you feel worse about the situation. A meeting is not just a meeting anymore it’s the worst day of your life in your head. Inside your head, you are gonna be late, naked and you won’t have the file to commence the meeting. As William Shakespeare said in his book The Tempest-

               ‘ We are such stuff

As dreams are made on; and our little life

              Is rounded with a sleep.’

We are all made of dreams, and we stretch our life by sleeping.

Our dreams don’t influence our life, instead, our life influences our dreams. We all can either choose to be stuck in the labyrinth or we can break out from the labyrinth of daydreams. Sometimes we get so engrossed with the daydreams that we forget that there is a life outside. Change scares us, so we dream, it’s an easy way out. But we need to realize that change is the universal constant.

We can either choose to hide behind a dream seen by open eyes or we can simply work on it. We need to get out of the dark place and create fire. If only we learn to turn on light, we can find happiness. Getting out of the daydreaming habit is not as easy, but we need to start somewhere. It is a form of mental illness and we need to acknowledge it and work on it. Start small, maybe by doing some physical work, or probably mental work like writing or reading for a better lifestyle. Anything which requires you to stop daydreaming. 

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