What makes a book great?


We go through a lot of things in our lives. Some things make us happy while others make us sad. Some motivate us, while others fill us with emotions. One of these things is books. Books make us feel like we are living another life. We connect with the character and feel like it is a part of our life and quite often, we see ourselves in that character. So, what makes a book so special? Let’s find out.

1. Easy to understand.

The purpose of writing a book is to convey a message through fiction or non-fiction. That makes language important. Some books are written for the sake of writing, to get an award, or just to please the readers. Those books contain heavy words that can amuse a literary person but not a general reader. For the general reader, a book must have an easy language. The language that can convey the message/ moral of the story while retaining the essence of literature. These books are read by a huge audience. So, they should be easy to understand and save the reader the trouble to look for a dictionary, every time he reads. Instead, they can focus on enjoying the content.

2. The interest of the reader.

A book becomes a great piece of work only if the readers accept it. Some writers write interest-oriented books and some write for the sake of literature. Trending topics are a great idea because people keep searching for books that are written on certain topics. Some writers write 1-2 books every year while some take 3-4 years to complete one book to get the max out of it. Although the targeted books sell rapidly and become bestsellers, in the eyes of a literary person, the book has some contribution to literature. Market strategy plays a huge role in determining whether a book will become a bestseller or not.

3. Mythologies and books on ancient subjects.

In today’s date, writers have started writing on mythologies and ancient texts. The youth seems to get appealed by such works. The mind of the youth works rationally and they can’t accept the supernatural events described in our texts or rather say TV serials. They wanted something rational, which they could relate to, in the modern world. And all of a sudden, books on mythologies started selling more and more copies. Amish Tripathi became the best selling Indian author after his ‘Shiva Trilogy.’ And yet again, after he launched his ‘Ram Chandra Series.’ Another writer Devdutt Pattnaik, who wrote on Gita and Mahabharat, expressing his views on the same, became widely accepted. This happened because of their rational views on the supernatural stories which seem, to appeal to the young generation.

4. Love Stories

About 10 years back, love stories were the most amusing topic for the youth. Love storybooks were widely sold. Be it a book, magazine, or comic, love stories were all around the market. But nowadays, people are fed up with them, because a large no. of books have been written on the same topic and many have almost the same story.

Chetan Bhagat is one of the most successful Indian writers who became famous after the youth found his love story books very amusing because they were relatable. He was the bestselling author for a long time. But as they say, ‘Excess of everything is bad’, he kept on writing the same topic which led to the disinterest of readers because all his stories revolved around students and had become predictable. He started with good content but eventually, started losing focus on quality content.

5. Promoting a book.

Another factor which makes any book special is its promotion. Sometimes, a book goes unseen because of a lack of awareness in readers. The promotion of books on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube will make them more recognized. Now, authors have started launching trailers for their books, and that gives an animated effect to the words that have been used to tell the story. After watching a fantastic trailer, the readers crave for the content of the book. Readers also judge from the animation, the quality of the book.

A book is a special one if it touches your heart with emotions if it purifies your soul. One can easily relate to a character that he finds wither like his own or if he finds his qualities worth exploring. Sometimes, an author writes out of trend but finds that his audience was looking for work like this.


  1. Fabulously written. This seems like a great piece of art. The article is no nicely written that it touches the soul on a true literature reader. Proper use of symbols on places makes it even more precious. Kudos to the writer.