“It is a city of villages, closely connected, each village is dedicated to a different way of life.”

                              –  Nancy Spain

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Either it is a city or a village, only the lifestyle and behaviour of the people change, the quality of every human being remains the same. Let’s look into some of the issues faced by both urban civilization(people who live in the city) and the rural civilization(people who live in the village) in cities and villages respectively.


Many people think that crime, including theft, is more frequent in cities than in villages. This may be the case for very densely populated cities than the villages, however, the majority of villages are not crime-free.  Actually, what people think is a right, the more the people at a location,  the more the chances of crime. In the case of a higher population, the competition for leading a healthy life also increases, and gradually, the underprivileged people of some local areas in a city are unable to survive in this competitive society and therefore indulge themselves in illegal activities.

As we discussed rural areas are also not crime-free either. Many countryside villages are wealthy and have beautiful large houses – which makes them a prime target for organized burglaries. We may live in an area with a small population, but professional criminals will travel in from outside the village just to commit the crime. Both the city and village have equal possibilities for the crime.


Village Life Is Better Than City LIfe. — Steemit

Every one of us expects a different lifestyle, some enjoy the peaceful sedentary life of the village, others favour the fast-paced, business-oriented life found in the cities. A city offers its residents a variety of enticements such as international cuisines, theatres, supermarkets, parks, malls, etc. These facilities make a person lead a luxurious life. Moreover, the city dwellers have more options in seeking jobs with a secure income to enjoy these facilities. This is also considered as a disadvantage, where this lifestyle can be quite stressful and unfulfilled which leads to disrelished urban lives.

On the other hand, rural living provides a peaceful lifestyle and free from the peer-race of the city. The village lifestyle is more natural where one can enjoy a healthy, calm, and less

expensive existence. People living in the village side are closely connected with their relatives and neighbours. There are no parties, get-togethers, or any night outs and no need of buying any new outfits for these inessential events.


Write A Note On Village Life

To choose one lifestyle over the other seems a more personal preference based on the need, ambitions, and desires. Needless to say, both have their positive and negative aspects especially in terms of economy and social opportunities. It is better to choose both the lifestyle rather than choosing one among the two. One can choose urban life when young and energetic so that we could work and be able to afford the whole life, and in later years we can move to the village and lead a peaceful life.