Everyone wants fame, recognition, success, and popularity. Everyone wants to be appreciate for their work and everyone wants to become an admiration of others. Many of the fields are working for our safety and betterment. Many are working as an entertainer, everyone tries working to their best to gain recognition. Getting fame and recognition has a different definition for different peoples. Some take fame as money, some take it as becoming famous on social media, and many more definitions.

As we all can see and observe that actors are becoming very famous among people. I am not saying its bad or not good but, in my view, it is not fair to others. Earlier actors were use to be a part of our society but now actors are treat above the society. Earlier actors were praised by the audience and they were recognize as entertainers . But now they are not recognize as entertainers anymore they are being treated as God, above everyone. Actors are now being recognize as stars and superstars. Earlier our Soldiers were called heroes but now their title has been given to the Actors. This is very heart-breaking for all the Soldiers standing there at the borders and ever ready to give away their lives for our safety.

I want each of you to give a second thought before giving this “Special” title of our “Real Heroes” to the actors.

Actors do have a very amazing talent which should be and must be appreciated. They have an amazing talent of portraying the role of someone else with perfection. But this should also be noted that they are not the only ones who have amazing talent. So giving all the limelight to them only is not fair.

There are other fields too which should be entitle and they literally command respect from the citizens of our country. Those fields are none other than the medical field, doctors are the persons who are titled as “God on Earth” . Because they have the power and knowledge to save one’s life. Even our actors also go to the doctors to have treatments. So I think the doctor should be on the limelight above the actors.

Our Soldiers should always come first to all the limelight because they are the one who ensures our safety and only because of them we are sleeping without any fear. Doing our jobs, freely going to any place. Our doctors are treating peoples and our actors are gaining their limelight under their protection only.

Our sanitation department also commands respect because they are ones who take a dip into the dirt to clean the streets and drainages so that we can walk on the clean roads and dirty drainages are clean for our facility.

Why people treat doctors and Soldiers as a common man and why people give bad reactions or ignore the people of the sanitation department but they run behind actors and want their autographs.

Why people watch interviews of actors with so much attention and concentration and they don’t pay attention to the interviews of doctors, why people pray for the well-being of the actor and their families when any member falls sick of their family or they fall sick but no one cares about the families of the martyred Soldier.

Nowadays we all are fighting with a major Pandemic situation in which our Doctors are sacrificing their lives by working continuously for continuous hours so that people can be treated but no one cares for their well-being but when any actor is tested positive whole nation starts praying for their well-being.

Why lives of a Soldier don’t have any value but when an actor falls sick becomes a concern for the whole nation, just because they are coming on television doesn’t mean that they are God, they are also a common human being so why people give so much attention to them and neglecting everyone else. People are so mad for actors that they don’t even notice that many times the movies of these actors insults our Soldiers and our National pride. Many of the movies nowadays show the content which is not meant to be shown on Television to which our youth is getting familiar to which they shouldn’t be at their age but show their full support to the actors.

Because of so much popularity of the acting field, people aspire to become an actor, which is not wrong but because many people aspire for it so to get fame among all aspirants some people take the wrong step to get into this field and end up becoming a victim of some serious problem. So, I suggest don’t give so much attention to this field so that you end up spoiling your life. This is a good field but as portrayed by the society this is not the only field to gain fame and popularity, there are many fields which command more respect than this field.

Respecting someone’s talent is not bad but giving it too much praise and limelight and neglecting the important personalities because of whom we are breathing safely is totally not fair. Acknowledge the contribution of our Soldier for your safe life and acknowledge their lives which our Soldiers happily give away in the name of our Country’s safety, always remember you are breathing safely in your home just because they are always standing there to give away their lives for your safety it is our responsibility to take care of their families as a sign of respect to our Soldiers.

“Respecting a Talent is Not Wrong but Neglecting People Who Contribute to Our Lives is Heart-breaking”

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Comments to: Why Only Actors Are on The Top Limelight?
  • August 16, 2020

    Why? This is the matter to think, because a good actor neither snatches nor begging for fame and recognition from any one. They are achieving it by doing hard work.yeah what difference between their work and others we should came to know, soldiers or doctors or engineers (buildings ,aeroplane and roads )for our comforts and look after getting less fame and recognitions,reason behind these all playing single role of life perfectly and more efficiently but whereas an actor teaches us how to play different rolls of life efficiently.

    • August 17, 2020

      I totally agree with you. In my article, I have tried to throw light on the other sectors of society and give a reminder to people of the society that they are totally neglecting other sectors. You have answered the question in a straight forward way and I have left it on the people to think about it. You have totally nailed the real reason.

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