The debate for banning plastic has been going on for ages. We hear people that plastic should be banned. But, what if banning plastic is not that great of an option?
This article will tell you the bright side of the plastic and how our world won’t remain the same if we had never created it.

Let’s just say we ban plastic, but then what other option do we have. Our paper cups come with a thin line of plastic inside it. How else will they keep the liquid inside? Our aluminum cola cans also have a plastic layer inside it or else the cola will corrode the cans before they even reach you.

One of the biggest advantages of plastic is that it can keep food fresh for a longer period. Without this basic method of preserving, all of the vegetables will have to be grown locally, and some of them will be available only seasonally.

Plastic has given a boost to the fashion industry too. Without plastic, our clothing will get limited to natural fibers. If we go plastic-free that means no more polyester socks, nylon dresses, acrylic sweaters, or fleece jacket. Heat and water resistance clothing won’t be possible without it.

It is only because of the plastic that our laptops are getting slimmer and our phones are getting smarter. Without plastic for electrical insulation, there would be no other inexpensive circuits to build phones or computers. Even early electronics used plastic like Bakelite. If we never created plastic, we would still be using hazardous lacquer and rubber to insulate our wires. All affordable electronics would not be possible without plastic.

If we eliminate plastic, it will put more pressure on the limited resources that we have. All of the chairs and tables will have to be carved out of wood, iron, or some other raw material.
Plastic waste now ends up in the ocean and harms turtles, whales, and other marine life, but it didn’t go there on its own.

We all are familiar with the fact that plastic can be recycled but how often do we do that. We would throw it away without a second thought and then we will raise the banner to ban plastic. If we could manage the plastic waste effectively, plastic has a lot more to offer.

The problem is not plastic, but it lies within us. A simple step such as recycling can help alleviate the plastic problem by many folds. We cannot remove plastic entirely from our daily lives, but we can use jute bags instead of those made with plastics. One of the solutions to the problem could be wax worms. Six thousand wax worms can eat up a plastic bag in just one hour. The solutions are endless, but people who are willing to adopt those are few.


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