SEO is very important for small businesses, start-up, Entrepreneurs. All of them are have many common things.

  • They are tight on budget.
  • All of them are in constant need of customers.
  • They are doing everything in by themselves.
  • All of them want to grow business efficiently because they are tight on budget.

To grow a business, you need customers. 

There are many methods to reach customers using digital marketing- paid advertising, content marketing, SEO.

Let’s discuss SEO today.

What is SEO?

SEO in simple words optimising your website for the search engine to get more traffic. This increased traffic will help to increase sales and in turn business.

This used to be the case a few years back. Now, with the onset of artificial intelligence SEO has changed. 

With the help of artificial intelligence, Google is learning more about user experience. Google gives more priority to user experience over all other factors.

Now, if you are providing your customers exactly what they are looking for, google will prefer you over your competitors.

Now let’s see some data on the search engine to understand better.


First 3 results on the first page of google get over 40% click-through rate. 

30% of all results on the first and second page don’t even get clicks at all.

47% of searches on google are about local information.

97% of people find about a business online

‘Near me’ searches grew by 900%

This should shed light on why an online presence is important for your business.

Now let’s look at the reasons why SEO is important for your business

1) User-friendly website

Many businesses focus on the look of their website. Although it is important it cannot guarantee the best result. 

With the help of SEO, we can build a website that is fast, smooth and user friendly. 

For example, a website has a very aesthetic look but the user can’t find what he looking for. This will lower your google ranking as the user did not find his anwer.

On the other hand, if your website looks very simple but it is well structured, you will have less bounce rate. This will increase your chance to make a sale.

Having relevant content will also help you in forging a relationship with your customer. 

Everyone is looking for content to solve a particular problem.  If your content can provide exactly what the user was looking for, the user will see you as an authority. Apart from this trust, the user will come back to your website for any future problems.

2) Bring more customers

If you implement SEO, you will grow faster compared to paid marketing. With SEO you will get very relevant customers. These customers are actively looking for your product or service. You will convert them faster. 

With paid advertising, most of the customers are not looking to purchase immediately. We need to create a desire in them. This will slow down your sales.

Example Let’s say I run an advertisement on Facebook about my website design services. I will need to convince them of the benefit of building the website. But when someone is convinced that he needs a website, he will simply search on google. 

Now, this customer is a hot lead. He will buy it immediately if it fits into his budget.

So, SEO is a faster way to grow your business compared to a paid advertisement.

3) Better conversion rate

When a user finds you on the first page of google, he will automatically trust you. He has a strong intent to use your product or service. You just need to guide him through buying journey. You will save time on convincing, this will increase your conversion rate.

And these people are more inclined to stay loyal to your brand. This is because they were able to solve their problem with minimum efforts.

4) Build brand awareness

Everyone remembers in only the first two brands. When the customer finds your business on google search he will remember you for a very long time. He will trust more over your competitor.

Building a brand needs patience and commitment and it heavily relies on the value you provide. 

5)  Bypass your competition

When you appear above your competition, you will automatically dominate your niche. The user will always choose you over your competition. So implementing SEO will help you bypass your competition.


6) Stay open for 24*7 

The consumer is looking for product and services 24*7.  If you are able to come on the first page of google search result, you can do business 24*7. Your customer will find you even you are closed physically. They will find you online, interact with your content and make a decision to purchase without you being present physically.

7) SEO will help you reach your existing customers 

In marketing, it is said that you need to send the right message to the right people at right time. You can reach your existing customer with your new product with the help of SEO. This will boost your sales.

8) Organic search is the most primary source of traffic

Google owns 75% of the search market. It owns the most popular email app with   billo=ion users. It also owns Youtube which has become a more of a search engine than a video entertainment app.

Organic traffic is the most efficient method to gain more customers and in turn more sales.

9) It’s quantifiable

Everything in SEO is measurable. We can measure one factor and see what we need to do to improve. This creates a clear roadmap 

to grow your business.

10) Brings new opportunities

Apart from paying customers, you get exposure to the new opportunity. 

For example, you may get an opportunity to collaborate with others to grow faster.

Some simple SEO tips for you to implement today.

1) Keywords

Find out which keywords your users are using and try to rank for that keyword. You need to analyse which keyword can give you more traffic at minimum efforts.

There are a wide variety of tools that will help you to understand which keyword you can target to get maximum results.  

Some of them uber suggest, ahrefs, SEMrush

2)  Optimise your meta description for every page and post

With the help of plugins like Yoast, you can easily optimise your meta description. It will help search engine to understand your website better. 

3) Create a content calendar

You will need to create valuable content constantly keep ranking in google. Once you stopped being useful you lose. so create a calendar to master your content game.

4) Utilise Google my business

Google my business can give you a massive opportunity to grow. It is very easy to set up and use. There are also tools to rank higher on my business page.

Let me know in the comment if you understood the importance of SEO and what are your first steps to implement SEO for your business.


When you are just starting out on a tight budget, you want to grow faster efficiently.  SEO will not only provide you with the relevant customer who is ready to buy it will also build your brand. 

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