Women empowerment: Diversity, Equality, Unity, Equality for all.


Women Empowerment : A solemn prayer by a sain “ A dream which he wished transforms into reality for his entire nation” His nation marched on to achieve independence and embarked on a mission of growth and prosperity. Several heads continued to be obscured by veils of discrimination and fear held captive the minds and These were the ‘women of his nation and our motherland still struggles to break such chains of social fragmentation.
Indian women have seen a long journey, from an era of uplift and emancipation to the need for empowerment today. Reservation provides a solution to lend a voice to women of the nation and can be removed once women achieve a position of coequals in society.
The political empowerment of women has made a modest beginning at Panchayats and Municipality level. With a recent increase in the reservation to half, women will achieve a better say in policymaking and implementation and party politicking at the national level has not yet allowed the Women Reservation Bill to see the light of the day. Different theories are floated for its’ opposition. While some argue that reservation should be on basis of constituency and others demand reservations in ticket distribution by the parties, the logjam has stupefied the voice of women, in the process.
Political empowerment will radiate gender sensitiveness in policies and increase awareness about rights at the grass root, Female’s needs, problems, and issues will be highlighted in forums and discussions, only when female in sufficient numbers manage to reach such forums. Reservation will provide the initial thrust to overcome the social barrier and resistance and Reservation in major employment schemes and in political bodies will enhance the earning capacity of households.
The economic empowerment of women could drive houses away from the evil grip of poverty on a sustainable basis and to the better standard of living of the family, the lady can then hold her head high. Economic empowerment also provides a shield against ill-treatment and abuse that female’s in both rural and urban India have grown habitual to. As an earning member, capable of sustaining herself, women will break the threads of traditional dependence on the male. On equal footing, women can demand her rights, assert herself, and be recognized and Several women in urban India have witnessed such empowerment in recent decades and reservation could further add to this growing strength in number.
Women empowerment is important because:-
Women empowerment is all about making female’s both socially and financially independent.
It is a process in which female’s make their own independent decisions.
When female’s are entitled to decide, it gives them a sense of empowerment and more worth.
Providing proper education to a girl child is the main agenda of women’s empowerment.
It also includes educating working female’s and engaging them in menial jobs.
There shouldn’t be gender discrimination and equal opportunities are to be provided for them in the workplace and home
Women empowerment refers to raising the social status of female’s through education.
Women’s economic empowerment aims to make them economically independent, self-sufficient and strong.
Empowered women can contribute to nation-building by joining sectors like army, politics, social service, education, corporate sector, art etc.