By – Sushmita Mukherjee

Writing is an art and putting your thoughts in words and describing your views, opinions is really an art. is not really easy. A writer has to check on many things and bear with both positive and negative feedback. The best part about writing is you can write your heart and mind out and bring your imagination to words.

Almost all the writers who write novels for living their lives are entrapped in the act of writing and in the journey of writing there is boredom, self disgust and many more. Writers have the ability to aspire many people writing and it’s never acceptable that writing is pleasurable, however, isn’t painful either. They say, ‘Writers do magic with their content, words and are very powerful in expressing their views or opinions or thoughts. Writing can be both joyful or chore, it just depends upon you and your circumstances and moods.

The most beautiful thing about being a writer is you see the world through different aspects and you can experience beauty in every small thing.

Happy Writing!

Thanks to Udhaya Kumar for Graphics.